Too Many Burners Going: Writing Multiple Projects

Every writer is guilty of cluttering their work space with notes, pages, and manuscripts of several different projects. It happens; life happens. We are inspired by one story line that our inner muse promises will be the best we've ever written, but then that fickle lady promises us the same for this next idea, and …

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My Bloody Shinebox: Dealing With Unfair Critics

Every writer has dreaded yet anticipated the unstoppable times when we are bunched up with other writers, sometimes in desks or table arranged in a circle, led by a teacher, mentor, or volunteer instructor who have us go around, one by one, and we offer our personal work or projects to the group, like a …

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Writing On Receipt Paper and Other Random Surfaces

What is the most nerve-wringing advice every writer hears? "Every day. Write every single day. You can't be a real writer if you don't actually write, so make sure you write every day. Have work? Wake up at 6AM and write. Can't wake up early? Write until midnight. Need full eight hours sleep? Haha, that's …

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How to Scare a Writer In Six Words Or Less

It's only happened maybe a few times outside of school when a simple and seemingly harmless question has caught me off guard. No one thinks much of asking it but when they say it aloud it's like they've hit a pause switch in my head and I all but stutter, stunned into awkward silence where …

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Reality: Stranger Than Fiction Part III

(Okay, guys, this is the third post about this. If you're unsure what this post thread is about, please refer to parts I and II, thanks!) Here's a fun bombshell for those who don't know me terribly well: My husband and I are team members of a ghost hunting/paranormal investigation team. Or we are for …

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You Probably Won’t Get Published On the First Try

Some awesome advise that all writers should read!

Meg Dowell Writes

It’s what we all want.

To write something, to show it to someone, and to have it get accepted — published, even — right away.

We can handle a little waiting. But all we want is for someone to say “yes” without too much pain.

Without too much … effort.

You already know what I’m going to say.

You have, I’ll just say a 10% chance, of this happening to you. And that feels like a generous estimate, if I’m being honest.

Okay, fine. You already knew this. You already knew that 90% (ish) of writers who try submitting something for the very first time don’t do it quite right. Or their work doesn’t land into the exact hands it needed to. Or their timing ended up being wrong, somehow.

So why am I telling you all this anyway?

Because you need to hear something other than the hollow “just…

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Random Writing Prompt of the Day

"What?" Your character (or picture yourself if that helps) is sitting at the bar. They/you are enjoying a drink or a bite to eat. Someone slips into the seat next to them, turns towards them, a stranger that they/you cannot discern from any other stranger from the crowd in the building or from off the …

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Romance Is Dead (For Good Reason)

Every active reader and writer of Young Adult varieties can recall the cold age of the sparkling vampire romance years from not so long ago. Remember? When everyone was hyperventilating to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's roles as heartthrob creatures that both vied for one mortal woman (who had no extraordinary personality, traits, talents, or …

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Stepmothers On Mother’s Day

A huge Happy Mother's Day (a day late, I know) to every mother out there, whether you're a mother from giving birth (women are the original 3D printers, you know), a stepmother of a child of any age, a mother who has lost children, those with mothers who have already crossed the bridge between this …

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Reality: Stranger Than Fiction Part II

I never used to be so thankful for Fridays. When I worked at Walgreens, I always did a Tuesday to Saturday work week, so it wasn't until I quit that the weekends felt good again and I looked forward to them. My mood is lighter and I feel as if I finally caught back up …

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