Current Published Works

Plaything (A Short Story)

Angelina Rothswell, called Gina by everyone who even knows she exists, either has horrible or fantastic luck. She nearly drowns in elementary school but meets her best friend in the process. Her best friend moves away as they begin their junior year, but she’s befriended by one of the most popular guys in her grade, Lance, and is brought into his clique. She’s learning to relax and let her true self show, and life is getting better.

But one prank in the woods is all it takes for Gina’s life to literally plummet into Hell.
At the bottom of an abandoned well, Gina is hurt and trapped. She can barely stand, nonetheless climb out to freedom. Everything she knew about her new friends and the relationships she trusted are cruelly snapped and she realizes she can only depend on herself to escape.
But something much worse is waiting for her at the top of the well, a heinous creature stalking from above and waiting for its chance. Whatever it is, Gina can’t fathom, but one thing is clear:
No one is coming to save her, and if she doesn’t find a way out before the Ghoul’s playtime ends, her life will.


The Death Masque: A Halloween Short Story

When a gruesome murder is discovered at Sera’s party, will the killer be caught? Or will death catch up to Sera and her controlling best friend, Cissy? Is anyone safe?

This is a short story for the Halloween season.


Seedling (A Novel)

Sabella Lector’s life is strict yet secure. Her parents may search her and her brother’s rooms and keep her from the dating life, but she goes to a great school, has best friends, and is on the search for a college for her bright future. Everything is in place, despite the occasional tension at home and between past ex-boyfriends and ex-best friends. If she can tough it all out, everything will go as planned.

Until a mysterious black cat and the Weird Sisters come along.

Callista, Beatrix, Pandora, and Drazelle are four unusual girls who tell Sabella that the life she is living is not meant for her. She is adopted, comes from another realm, and is not even human.

Sabella is a witch.

Her lineage demands that she return to the world she was meant for, a realm and a city known as the Dynasty. She is not an ordinary witch but their Center, a witch capable of the strongest magical powers possible. The black cat that follows Sabella and appears out of nowhere, Dante, is her familiar, an unmistakeable notion that her destiny is sealed. Led by their teacher and guide, Malva, the Weird Sisters have come to convince Sabella to leave with them and forget about her human upbringing and all of the people she knows and loves. She must make a choice, but the Weird Sisters make it very clear: she must choose them or consequences will be dire.

The stakes only grow more treacherous when it is apparent that someone else is out there but with the agenda to kill Sabella. The Weird Sisters don’t know who it could be, but it is someone from their home world, someone who knows everything about Sabella. Now, not only Sabella but her family and friends could be in danger!

A choice must be made. Sabella must choose to leave behind her world, her family, everyone she cares deeply about before she endangers it.

Seedling is the first installment of the Bloody Rose Trilogy.

He Will Come For Me (A Novella)

The Fable Man has hunted and devoured human girls for centuries, each one willingly giving their heart to him as eager as the last. He is a devious Fae with very little challenges to face, until he meets Ophelia, a wayward teenager who finds herself set apart from her out-of-work father and best friend, Sal, who is always dating every girl in their school. Ophelia is the Fable Man’s new challenge, a different fruit to pluck and consume. But the Fable Man is up for a challenge. There is no girl in the world who can resist him…

Ophelia has never met anyone like Kasper, a young man whom she meets per chance on the street while walking home. He is strangely beautiful and alluring. Each time they meet, her heart beats faster than ever and when they part, she goes into shakes. She craves for his presence and begins to only dream about him. However, something isn’t right about this infatuation. There is something wrong with the way Kasper stares at her, as if she is something to eat.

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