Halloween Costume: No Bites Given!

No, dear friends, I have not forgotten the video. I plan on getting it finished before midweek and posted by Friday at the latest, so you can watch and listen to some creepy, spooky reads for the Halloween Weekend! In my opinion, Halloween always takes a weekend, it just depends which one it’s closer to. And if Halloween is on a Wednesday? Guess what week it is? Hallo-week!!!

Oy, puns.

The above costume was my vampiress costume for 2017. It really sucked (pun intended) because we went to a downtown event and I couldn’t even wear the mask into it (though they let me in with it once!). I was a livid bloodsucker. Look how fang-tastic I was! Okay, okay, I’ll stop…

The vampiress is the scariest I’ve ever dressed up as, though you can see me at my scariest before 8 am on a weekday all year long! Have you ever dressed scary for the scariest night of the year? Or are you someone, like me, who wants to have a beautiful and enchanting lure about them?

Comment below and get ready, friends!

The video and scary stories are coming…they’re coming!

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