Happily Never After: True (Fictional) Love

Let me start out by saying I do believe in love. I do believe that a couple can make it work. I believe that when two people are right for each other, they can make it work. I truly love my husband and understand that a perfect relationship doesn't feel perfect 24/7. You will have your moments; one or both of you are so tired and just want some alone time but you know if you came home and they weren't there you'd be worse off than just knowing they're in the other room or on the other side of the couch. You have a disagreement; it wouldn't be much of a relationship without having moments where you grow together through discord. It's healthy, it's normal.


Live Reading of “Find Me” available!

Hello, and happy spooky season!!! Halloween time is huge in my household. We have all of our decorations up and have been ready since the dying days of September. For this month, I wanted to do something special as I used to create a short story for Halloween every year. However, this year I found …

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Romance Is Dead (For Good Reason)

Every active reader and writer of Young Adult varieties can recall the cold age of the sparkling vampire romance years from not so long ago. Remember? When everyone was hyperventilating to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's roles as heartthrob creatures that both vied for one mortal woman (who had no extraordinary personality, traits, talents, or …

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Stepmothers On Mother’s Day

A huge Happy Mother's Day (a day late, I know) to every mother out there, whether you're a mother from giving birth (women are the original 3D printers, you know), a stepmother of a child of any age, a mother who has lost children, those with mothers who have already crossed the bridge between this …

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Reality: Stranger Than Fiction Part II

I never used to be so thankful for Fridays. When I worked at Walgreens, I always did a Tuesday to Saturday work week, so it wasn't until I quit that the weekends felt good again and I looked forward to them. My mood is lighter and I feel as if I finally caught back up …

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We Are The Weirdos Who Write Paranormal Stories

Yesterday marked the 22nd birthday of The Craft, the movie that made us want to sport black everything, heeled boots, and own the biggest candle collection. Who didn't want to get together with their closest friends and play Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board? (I'm looking into getting the recently released shirt that …

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Hives, Rejections, And Other Irritations

Picture it, a week ago: I'm seated at my office desk, so ready for the day to be over. It was Friday, I daydreamed of lazily lounging at home all weekend and wanted nothing more than to be away from people. I was exhausted, cranky, and spent into the negative range of my energy levels. …

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When The Writing Muse Is AWOL

Stephen King states that a true writer is one who writes every and each day. He says he considers said writer talented should anyone have ever paid them for their work. So if you receive a check in your mailbox (if that's even how it's done anymore) congrats. Meanwhile, I sit here, writing in a …

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You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Character Is You: Writing Enemies In Your Work

We've all experienced amazing friendships. You hang out, you talk not just about every day life but your inner secrets you only trust to them, and you share not just classes, interests but hardships, too. They get into a car accident? You're right there on the scene to drive them home after their totaled car …

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