“I’ll Write It When I’m Ready” And Other Lies We Say

There's that one story that you've had in a drawer at the back of your mind for ages. It's going to be the greatest project ever. It may get you that agent who hasn't bitten the hook yet, shoot your print to the front of every bookstore across the globe, and make that startling collision …

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How to Land Your Dream Writing Job

Meg Dowell Writes

Yes, it’s possible.

Yes, you can write stuff you like and get paid for it.

But it’s going to take a lot — A LOT — of work to get from where you are now to … well. There.

If you’ve never been through the process of applying for any kind of content writing job, you probably don’t actually know what happens behind the screens. How does an aspiring writer get from “Hi I’m a writer I want to make words happen on your behalf” to “Hi I work for you now”?

It’s not too different from the process of auditioning for, say, a movie. You present yourself, you do the acting thing, and they either schedule you for a callback or they don’t. And you keep meeting with people higher and higher up the “ladder” until you either get the job or don’t.

It’s not a one-step, one-shot process…

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You’ve Got To Read To Write

Want to know a secret, writer? If you want to be a great writer, you must discipline yourself to be a great reader as well. It's never surprising that a writer was once an avid reader in their younger days. That's how many get their start, but what many neglect to learn or practice is …

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Writer For Hire

It is undeniable that one of the greatest and most worrying of pains in the process is the inevitable job search. Everyone has gone through it: you search the same internet scavenger hunt but you try to word yourself differently hoping different results come up that don't include a CDL or a lifetime worth of …

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People Are Strange, Characters Can Be Too

Working in retail, I've had many experiences with unusual people, coworkers and customers alike. Some weren't bad, just odd. This one guy who worked at the second store I went to while attending school, let's call him Todd, was an odd duck of his own unusual category. He was underweight, so much his belt struggled …

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Nobody’s Perfect, Neither Are Characters

Remember when Disney princesses set the highest of standards for little girls everywhere? I honestly didn't mind Aurora, for instance, when I was little, but it bothered me getting older when my voice deepened in pitch rather than raised and became a bird and woodland creature lull. How was her skin so perfect for a …

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