How to Land Your Dream Writing Job

Meg Dowell Writes

Yes, it’s possible.

Yes, you can write stuff you like and get paid for it.

But it’s going to take a lot — A LOT — of work to get from where you are now to … well. There.

If you’ve never been through the process of applying for any kind of content writing job, you probably don’t actually know what happens behind the screens. How does an aspiring writer get from “Hi I’m a writer I want to make words happen on your behalf” to “Hi I work for you now”?

It’s not too different from the process of auditioning for, say, a movie. You present yourself, you do the acting thing, and they either schedule you for a callback or they don’t. And you keep meeting with people higher and higher up the “ladder” until you either get the job or don’t.

It’s not a one-step, one-shot process…

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