You’ve Got To Read To Write

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Want to know a secret, writer?

If you want to be a great writer, you must discipline yourself to be a great reader as well. It’s never surprising that a writer was once an avid reader in their younger days. That’s how many get their start, but what many neglect to learn or practice is that you must keep reading to keep writing. At least, to keep writing with great direction that is.

After all, reading books helps us:

-Learn through current (or classic) examples.

-Provoke our mind with the different direction of another’s writing.

-Help us see in a different perspective of characters and narrating voices entirely foreign to us.

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-Inspire us.

-It’s a constant studying/learning experience to provide us with input we can use to help the direction of our own projects (now, please keep in mind that I’m not meaning to plagiarize another’s work).

-It stirs up our imagination and sharpens our focus, which both may dull over time without help.

-It’s also one of the best breaks writers can take; our minds are constantly working to create characters, worlds, and enticing story lines to keep readers interested. Reading a relaxing read or one that makes your mind whir and puzzle over gives you a mental break to focus on something else entirely.

I know that I look forward to the days where I can set time aside to sit and read whatever novels or books I’ve either bought on a whim or borrowed from the library (remember to support your local library especially when money is scarce but your favorite author just released a new book!) I love to brew up a cup of hot peach tea and sit in my spot on the couch next to my reading lamp and let the hours slip away like water down the drain. It’s soothing, sweet to your heart, and nourishment for the soul.


Keep reading and writing, my friends!

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