For My Eyes Only

I used to follow an online comedian who did amazing skits with herself using filters, apps, and hilarious script writing to play different characters of herself. I later read her autobiography which indulged in all of the backstory of how she went from being a wannabe actress to addiction issues and then a family life in LA. It was a happy story overall, and I continued to watch her content, her videos, and even her real life blurbs about raising kids with her husband.

But things got a little…too personal for my taste.

Now, I believe everyone is entitled to post what they feel they should, but I also firmly believe that you should think very hard about what you post. It may seem harmless and even helpful for viewers to get an insight into your personal life; they may have the same issues and it could help them not feel so alone. But you always have to consider not only the viewers but more importantly those around you and closest at your side, including said husband and kids.

When she started posting videos of her child’s doctors appointments and how he was being diagnosed with different things, I felt uncomfortably itchy at knowing more about this child than they seemed to know about themselves (they were less than three years old, so I highly doubt they had an understanding at what was going on). More videos centered around this, and I admit, I didn’t see very much pushback or bad comments. Many were very supportive and people relating similar situations in their child’s upbringing.

But I can only think and wonder how their kid will feel when they’re older and realize how thousands of strangers watched their life outside of an electronic fishbowl. Every doctor’s assessment, tantrum, and life goal is not between them and their parents but their parents’ followers.

I stand by that, though from what outside sources now say, the couple have since separated while the husband overcomes his addiction issues that have unfortunately come back into his life.

I wonder if unplugging for a bit would help, but I’m not in their lives and have no room to say one way or the other.

Hence why I rarely will go into gritty discussion of any business between me and my husband. I stay away from naming our kids, except the fur-children, who I don’t think have a care in the world about it. Though to be honest, I don’t think I would go into details of my vet visits.

Instead, let’s write them into fictional stories with fake names, cleverly disguising descriptions, and snarky diction.

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