Lovers of the Iris

I’ll meet you in the irises

My dear, my dear

Where no one will see

How much you mean to me

Hide in the flowers,

My dear, my dear

And we’ll spend the hours

Searching for our towers

With no one but you and me.

We’ll count the stars

My dear, my dear

And race to the edge of the sea

Where the sunshine is bright

But you are the light

And the dark of the night is me.

Time will erase

Every last trace

Of the lives of you and me

But we’ll hide in the flowers

As we count every tower

And live until the end of the sea.

No one can see us,

My dear, my dear

So forever we will be free

For you are the winds

And I am the sea

With the stars above us

For all eterinity.

You’ll dance in the irises,

My dear, my dear.

And I will observe your beauty

Until the end of our crumbling towers,

We’ll have our lives and violet flowers

And share eternity.

Only you and me.

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