Na-Oh, no-Wri-Mo

National Novel Writing Month…a month both embraced and reviled by writers who are on the social media platforms. I have accomplished it ONCE, and I don’t even know what happened to that unfinished book (I got the wordcount but never finished it as I planned after because guess what, I was exhausted!) I think I called it “Sugar and Bleach” and it was a toxic romantic relationship story. Think Twilight but much more boring without vampires and characters based on questionable people in my life.

Maybe it’s better to stay back on the shelf, far, far away from the world.

So I decided, with the conclusion and motivation left over from the short horror story series, to pursue another NaNoWriMo.

Y’all, I feel I have better chances on completing a walk to the moon and back before this.

I have started half a page. That’s right; four days and that’s what I have. The following are my reasons (not excuses because my reasons are justified by how much time/pain they take from or cause me):

-Unidentified back pain which my clinic says I need to pursue an ER to get fully checked out to make sure it’s not something that’s NOT my back.

-Sore throat/head cold trying to possess my body.

-Work, work, work that I’m trying to keep cut off at 5 because I’m not about that workaholic lifestyle.

-Chores at home which have grown due to construction at home being in progress.

So will this get done? Can I still keep a horse in this race? I truly have no idea, but I feel like putting so many painful goals on what you love tends to make you hate what used to give you joy. Writing is something fun for me anymore, somewhat of a lifestyle I enjoy (yes, I’ll be that woman in the tea shop with my sticker-covered laptop writing the novel out in the public eye). I don’t have too many hobbies outside of my work and home life other than writing and reading. Does watching Hulu count? I’m not crafty like my friends, who are all amazing at sewing, stitching, knitting, and weaving. I still have the same blue scarf in the closet that I’m “going to finish weaving” someday (in a million years).

So I will pursue the challenge, and if I don’t succeed, oh well. The story will still be there. The characters will continue bickering in my head. The ideas and tropes will sit and simmer, develop or won’t. It’ll all be fine.

Just gotta keep writing!

So, please, keep writing! Don’t let frustration steal away your creative outlet, no matter what it is!

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