Drowning in the Shallows

I admire John's eager love for the beach, the ever churning ocean waves, and the recklessness of swimming to far out islands and buoys barely visible from the sandy shore. A wildness comes out in him at the beach, when the sun is high and hot, the water cold and rushing up past your shins. He's extremely playful like a Labrador set free in a dog packed dog park, but I was so timid and downright terrified when first standing in the damp, cool sand.

My “Let’s Not Meet” Story: Creeper at the Walgreens

As I say in my "Welcome" section, I listen to a few podcasts that many would consider dark and sometimes morbid. One of the lesser podcasts I'll listen to that really pushes my paranoia up a level is called Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast recorded by Andrew Tate. Tate accepts and narrates listener-submitted …

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