Sticks and Stones AND Words WILL Hurt You

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!" That's what they taught us to use as a quick response to bullying, more so name-calling and verbal teasing. I doubt this would be effective when placed in a headlock and enduring a noogie. Whenever I'd run tearfully to my parents after a sibling made a bullying poem about me (it actually was well made but at six this was not appreciated as of yet), my parents, tired from full time jobs and three kids, would say "sticks and stones, sweetie. Go back and say that to them."

When The Writing Muse Is AWOL

Stephen King states that a true writer is one who writes every and each day. He says he considers said writer talented should anyone have ever paid them for their work. So if you receive a check in your mailbox (if that's even how it's done anymore) congrats. Meanwhile, I sit here, writing in a …

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