Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my site! I do hope that in the near future I can start making advertisements for a couple of projects I hope to launch within the next year.

Currently, my page features a couple of past projects: my novella, He Will Come For Me, as well as a project I wrote for my English Capstone project for my undergraduate requirement, Seedling. 

I am a writer with so many works on the burners (I’m working with about three stovetops at this point). I hope to post a few works of poetry, short stories (fiction and non-fiction), and other personal posts about myself, life endeavors, but most of all, being the writer I want to be.

Please follow the page for updates, posts, and upcoming works. Share to friends who you feel enjoy fiction, fantasy, or are a writer themselves who understand the maddening world we dwell in and attempt to mark it all down.

A few personal tidbits about me: I am a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma pursuing my Masters in Library Science, a wife to an amazing gymnastics coach, stepmom to two wonderful boys (who will always be boys no matter how old they grow), and a furbaby mama to a duchess, Dahlia Rose, and a little prickly grump hedgehog, Mickey. Other than writing, I enjoy reading fantasy series (Sarah J. Maas is a favorite author of mine), listening to podcasts that do nothing for my paranoia and anxiety (My Favorite Murder and Let’s Not Meet are my top two go-to shows), and watching the Golden Girls on repeat (Shady Pines, Ma!).

Thank you again for visiting my site!

Be safe, well, and kind!


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