Summer Fever

Summer fever spikes

As tempers and emotions flare

Boiling over and Sizzling…


Everything rises and converges,

From Above and Below,

Until we all choke on

The swelter and the vitriol.

I don’t believe it is any surprise as to the inspiration of today’s poem. I don’t know where you live but it is the dog days of summer here in Oklahoma, triple digits every day. Today is a high of 111F, not the “feels like” mind you, but actual Fahrenheit temperature.

I keep daydreaming of autumn, though that won’t occur till very late October and here it usually lasts a few days before it hits into freezing temps.

But for now, we’re sweating and itching from heat rashes, smelling of menthol body powder and cheap body sprays to hide the summer sweat musk you have to shower off at the end of each long day.

Stay hydrated, stay safe, and let me know what the weather is like wherever you’re at.

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