Short Horror Story: Some Things Never Change

“You know, I was about your age when I thought there was a monster under my bed, too.”

“I already know, Mom, they tell me about how they would visit you, too.”

One of the creepiest tropes that give me chills are always “creepiest things my kids said.” Whether it’s a child mentioning a long-gone relative they never met yet describe in perfect detail or a quip about how they would definitely not murder their parents (Mmmmkay), I truly find children a tad eerie. I remember counseling kids at a summer camp and out of nowhere, one pipes up, “I can see ghosts” completely unprovoked.

Only two more days until October! I plan on keeping up with one to two short scary stories a week until closer time for Halloween. I hope to dress up and have a video to post of me reading all of the stories at once. I always have fun this time of year and love to share the joy of scary and creepy things!

Until next time!

A. Rose

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