He Will Come For Me (Now Available!)

Cover art design
Cover art design

Ophelia is the girl in your class who doesn’t stand out. She doesn’t join many clubs and is alright with having only her childhood best friend, Sal, as her only friend. She enjoys staying home with her books, reading and writing about fairies and creatures from magical realms that can’t be seen by normal human sight.

But what Ophelia doesn’t know is that she’s been caught by the Fableman’s sight and he’s licking his lips at this new promise of his next meal.

For hundreds of years, the Fableman has preyed upon young girls, who become ensnared by his charms and willingly give their hearts to him. However, it’s not their vows of devotion that entices him but the promise of having a full belly. Now, he has roamed into town and Ophelia’s lone ways have caught his notice. She is unlike the other girls he has lured into his web before. She’s different, almost able to pull herself away from his beckoning hands, but this is only a delicious challenge he knows he will win.

Unknowing of her new admirer’s true identity, Ophelia can’t ignore the beautiful stranger’s friendly attempts of getting to know her. It is the first time anyone besides Sal, who is always so wrapped up in his numerous girlfriend affairs, has taken notice of her. But something isn’t right. It isn’t long before she notices how she physically reacts to him: sweaty palms, a rapid, dizzying heartbeat, and shakes that fill her after they part. Are these signs of a teen romance or something sinister? Her dreams are filled with him, all that turn into horrible nightmares, but why of all can’t she pull free of him?

Will Ophelia find a way to save herself and those around her? Or will she, like so many, lose not only her heart to this enticing stranger but her life?

This is Abigail’s first published work in her career and is now available on Kindle through Amazon.com for 0.99! There is promise it can also come to Nook in the near future.

Click the link to purchase your copy now:

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