Artists Wanted

Dear followers,

It’s happening! I am pursuing my first try at self-publishing for my novella, He Will Come For Me! This is a very exciting time as this will be my first piece to put out into the cyber world or the world in general. However, before this can happen, I do have one hurdle to try to get over before I can accomplish this big life goal.

I need cover art.

So if any of you consider yourself a promising artist in the works or know of any friends who are, please spread word about this project. I am needing a cover which can show my story as well the story inside; this is a young adult, fantasy and/or horror story. I need someone who is comfortable with this genre or is confident to take on this challenge. This novella will only be published electronically as an ebook (no printed editions), nor are there any follow up novellas to continue the story either, so this one piece is all that is needed for the time being.

As for payment, I’m afraid I cannot offer any financial gain, but for beginning artists, this a great opportunity to build up experience points for your resumes and portfolio.

In other words, I need you, you very well may need this project.

If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me via email at:  <———- my email

This way will be easier to exchange story excerpts and ideas.

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate any help you may offer!

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