The Chaotic Feud Between the Creative Brain and the Logical Brain

Our brains are divided between a creative side and a more logical side. Both are needed, some people use one half much more than the other. For writers, of course, we tend to use the creative side a bit more, especially when we submerse ourselves into writing and logical thinking can set up too many road blocks (depending on what you’re writing of course). However, when a writer (okay, when THIS writer, ME) tries to put writing too much as a “career” or an attempt at a writing “career,” THIS is what happens between the Creative Brain and the Logical Brain:

Creative Brain: Hey, Logic, what are you up to? I haven’t gotten to do much lately.

Logical Brain: Well, I know we haven’t gotten to do any writing as of late, but that’s because I’m trying to get us an agent who can help set us up. If we get an agent and also self-publish this novella that is long overdue, we’ll be set. Just be patient.

Creative Brain: But…But it’s been like a MONTH since I’ve gotten to actually sit down and do all this writing that needs to be put down!

Logical Brain: Just be patient…!

Creative Brain: NOOOOO! I NEED TO WRITE!!!! #%&*@&*!!!!!!!

Logical Brain: Creative, please! Just calm_ _!

Creative Brain: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts smashing things*

Logical Brain: Stop it! We need everything intact! It’s falling apart as it is!

Creative Brain: THEN LET US WRITE!!! I will kill our ability to whistle! I will start destroying childhood memories!!!! JUST LET US WRITE TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logical Brain: Okay, okay, we can just write! Better?

Creative Brain: Yay! ^.^

So for a while, I think I’ll calm down with the queries or at least being so hung up on waiting for any acceptance letter from anyone. This morning, I just sat down and wrote the intro to a story that has been tapping on the inner walls of my noggin for a while. It felt good, not doing it for any reason but to just ease some mental pressure that has been building up. I keep seeing this quote on my webpages, and I can’t agree more:

“It is better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for a public and have no self.”

Happy Writing, Everyone!

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