Seedling: Now Available!

Good day, Lovelies!

It’s finally happened: I have self-published my longtime work, Seedling, via Amazon as an ebook/kindle!

True, I have spoken about making this my debut work to locate a working agent and publishing house to be published with the big timers, however, I believe I have other projects that will prove to be more fruitful. This does not mean I believe Seedling is not worth a read; it definitely is! I simply cannot hover over one project while others persist and nag for me to write them.

Writing is a skill that only grows as a writer grows over time. Seedling was a huge step for me; it was the first novel I wrote for a serious project that I actually finished while being coached by a few wonderful guides and advisers. It will always have a place in my heart (and portfolio!) as an accomplishment and experience point in my writing career. It certainly is one of my better works compared to the novels I wrote back in high school (God, those hideous beasts…)

So, I am very excited to have taken this project to this level. I truly hope you all will take the time to purchase your own copy today!

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