Sea Glass Eyes

The following is a poem I wrote in dedication to my husband, who grew up on the East coast with a love forever rooted in his heart for the ocean. The happiness in his eyes when he talks about his memories of surfing, spearfishing, and sharing all of it with his dad (who is no longer with us) is enviable and touching. I can’t say I grew up with such a passion in my environments. Living in Oklahoma, these memories for him are all the more precious and needed in this landlocked state.

The happiness he gives me every day is very much the same if not more.

In this poem, I hoped to combine the loves that we have and always will.


Sea Glass Eyes

Dark hair curled between my fingers,

Like my palms brushing over the wild dune grass,

Eyes like seawater, green and flecks of salt,

Stare sharply like broken glass.

Freckles of gold creating constellations

Across his sun-warmed skin,

Marked with scars from the reef’s prickled barbs,

Kissed down his arms and thighs,

White sliced scars brandished on his bicep.

And his calloused hands take mine,

Pulling me into the reckless current.

Cruel waves shove and toss me,

My lungs burn as shocking cold water fills

My mouth and gaping throat.

But I drown happily and willingly,

My body now more salt and water

Rather than blood and bone.

But as long as you’re with me,

As endlessly and entrancing as the sea…

I’ll drift with you.

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