Short Horror Story: Just Like Chicken!

I always remembered our neighbor, Mr. Jeffrey, always hosting random but delicious BBQ grills for the neighborhood, cooking irresistible meats that would make the mouth water. It wasn’t until I was older that I noticed these BBQs always popped up a short time after new “missing person” flyers were posted around the town.

Hi, all! It’s only September but obviously I’m in the mood for creepy and spooky little stories to help get us in the Halloween spirit! Today’s little story bite (pardon the pun) was just a fun little two-sentence story I thought about. Comment below if you catch the little joke in the story (if you don’t know, think about Milwaukee).

I’ll be posting weekly stories until Halloween, and I promise that as some may be a little silly and short, a few might be a tad longer and may be posted with a forewarning of disturbing content.

Like the story? Leave a like! I’ll be writing to you later.

A. Rose

One thought on “Short Horror Story: Just Like Chicken!

  1. Shirley Franklin

    My husband read your story out loud to a group of 7 tourists after we explained the concept- this one is extremely effective. We previously were a little tired after a long walk at the museum- no one was tired after this.


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