Short Horror Story: The Little Girl Across the Street

Mama didn’t like it when I tried to go visit the little girl who lived across the street because the girl would tell me to cross when a car was coming. The little girl lived in the cemetery and said she wanted me to come play with and be her best friend forever.

Happy Friday, everyone! But most importantly, happy first day of autumn or Mabon to those of you who celebrate the traditional equinox!

I know we are still a week from October but I’ve been getting very good feedback on these stories and want to keep the momentum up. I hope to post a new story each week (maybe twice, it depends on that fickle Muse of mine) and towards Halloween to create a video where I dress up and read them all at once.

Like today’s story, leave a like and comment. Can you think of a Halloween oriented or scary story you’d like me to write about? Comment!

Have a great day!

-A. Rose

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